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Sara Kee 07 apr, 2015 featured

‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch,’ seems to be the motto of today’s world. A cynical and bizarrely bad-informed approach, if you ask me. In fact I’ve had quite a few free lunches in my life, most of them with people who didn’t have that much share, but did anyway. Those moments were little highlights on my journey and it’s with great pleasure that I feed you some of my own cooking: comfort food for the travelling soul. I hope this finds you in a moment you’re craving it.

I wrote The Travelling Kind because I sometimes get a bit lonely when I’m away from home, because I feel foolish when someone rips me off, because I constantly wonder whether I made the right decisions. And it seems that I’m the only one, my fellow travellers are always on top of it, completely in control. So I thought I would write an honest travel book, no guide, just stories to lighten the weight, to laugh about the misfortunes and to share my own little insight that adventures can’t be organized, they simply happen and preferably when you’re not ready. I look back on the roughest moments, realizing that it’s those experiences I travel for.

It’s my mission to spread this book to every single country, to cover the surface of the earth, so it can find lonely travellers in their natural habitat. On my own that would impossible, but with a little help from my adventurous readers I know it can be done. Here’s how:

You’re just a mouse click away from passing this free e-book to your friends.

Maybe you’re up for putting in a little more effort? Check this out.


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