Sara Kee

After reading The Travelling Kind you probably know me better than most of my friends do, but let me give a little background information anyway.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and still live in Amsterdam. My parents took me camping all over Europe as a kid and when puberty hit I went on exploring these countries with friends. I experienced a lot of joy in learning new languages, eating unknown food and meeting foreign people, so I adopted a traveling life-style, trying to get away as often and far as I could. At the same time I was still bound to my homecountry until I got my masters degree in philosophy. A great study, that didn’t demand much physical presence, but gave me the opportunity to develop my writing skills. I had always been fond of writing, even spent a year being the chief of my high school newspaper, and explored a bit in the world of journalism. After graduating I decided I’d rather work on more extended projects as to producing every day news blurb and got involved in a film project in Africa, that I wrote the scenario for. This was a major learning experience and motivated me to sit down and tell some of my own stories instead of someone else’s. The outcome of that mission is The Travelling Kind, which was published in the Netherlands under a Dutch titel before it was translated to English. I’ve been working on my next book ever since, which will be a novel, and of course travelled on in the mean time.

I’ve travelled with no money, little money and sometimes a little more money. And though having money improves the kind of food I eat, it doesn’t add or lessen anything to the adventure. Travelling starts the moment you leave daily life behind and open up to what’s out there. You don’t need to cross an ocean, it can be done within the borders of your own country. There’s no right way to do it – I’m not saying I know how it should be done – I just enjoy writing down my experiences and hope I inspire others to explore on their own.